Investment is a limitless financial plan that everyone should have a basic knowledge about it at a certain point in life.

Unfortunately, we almost didn’t learn the investment mindset at school or even at home.

So, if you’re just now getting started with investing in your third decade or you think to do some investment steps in the coming days, welcome!, you are on the right path.

I will share with you the best 5 tips to begin as a smart investor in your thirties and follow Mr. Warren Buffet strategy.

1. Invest In Your Health Before Everything

I know health is not in my field here, but seriously!, the first step toward your future wealth is to invest in yourself. I mean physical, mental health. We know deeply that investment is a wide topic which intends to improve our future being in several sides not only a financial one.

Furthermore, when we talk about investment in a wise way, we automatically should expect that it will be up and down depending on the capital market policies and nothing is perfect in the end. So, our health is the best investing strategy now and tomorrow.

2. Invest In Quality Life Insurance

Most people disregard the importance of life insurance but it is very necessary because it covers the families and helps you to leave them a non-taxable amount at the death.

Thankfully the 30-year life insurance plans are not very expensive, you can conveniently buy online any premium life insurance according to your convenience.

3. Establish A College Saving Plan For Your Kids

As we all know that nowadays, colleges are not very cheap.

If you are not starting investment to establish a college fund for your kids then it can also affect your child’s education as well as your financial status which is not a good thing.

For this purpose, it is possible to make an account for college savings and put some money in it every month.

Based on the U.S. Department of education results, in an annual survey last year (2020), the average tuition ranged from $41,446 for private colleges to $11,290 for state colleges.

After all, in the future, college costs are going to be higher, and the college savings plan will be a wise investment for your kids.

4. Invest in international stock and bonds (balanced, hybrid funds)

When we talk about stock and bond investing, it’s not necessary to pass through all the process by yourself.

But there are many mutual fund’s holdings over the capital world with high investment knowledge and experts wolves of Wall Street will work for you.

As one of many investors, the mutual fund company will collect the money from you ($2500 minimum) and invest it in short-run- range debt, bonds, and stocks.

As a result of that, each investor will own a legal share as a real part of that fund's holding.

5. Gold Investment

Historically, gold was and still a hedge against almost any type of trouble, from financial crisis to wars.

Over this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of big economies, as well as markets, got crashed while gold was kept in a stable value.

So we realize that gold is the strongest asset in your bad days or even your hard years, and it’s your winning card to safeguard your investment for the long term.

Moreover, all future military, space, or even civil industries are in real need of gold as the main source for every light speed technology.

As well, the cheapest way to purchase gold is in bullion form or bars as most smart investors do, and you will be lucky if you could deal with a real bank dealer from Hong Kong.

6. Antiques and Artifacts

Investing a part of your money in antique collectibles like paintings, sculptures, old coins can be a smart way to combine investing with passion.

Investing in material assets has become a priority for many investors, and central banks are pumping trillions of dollars into the financial system for this lucrative market.

So, selling- buying antique pieces and collectibles is like investing in a mine of diamond that in a short time you’ll make your real fortune.

7. Your Investment Portfolio

If you are investing in the share market, then you have to make a diversified portfolio.

In the share market, there are many sectors like the banking sector, IT sector, the energy sector, and tobacco, so you have to put the leaders of that sector in your portfolio.

When you invest your dollars in the leading companies of the country, then, there is a very less chance that you lose your money.

After some time you will receive a handsome return on your whole portfolio.

But, keep in mind to limit your portfolio investment between 5-10% in every part, depending on your willingness to risk and your situation as a newbie investor or an expert one.

At 30, when you look back at your college years, you figure out how many changes happened in your life, especially that financial change. As such, it means that when you intend to invest in your 30s, there is a distinct mentality.

An old quote said:” The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today”.

Based on that, some naysayers will try to stop you for no reason and try to convince you that you’re too late to invest your money.

Just don’t listen to anyone because the most important is that you start.

Image from Omar Hadad

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