Is your car a smart connected car? I don't mean, does it connect to the satellite internet in some way?. But, I mean: “is it capable to communicate directly with your physical situation, and with other vehicles in reason to protect you?”

Families with young children can enjoy the thrill and excitement of driving in safe and reliable cars, but many adults are also choosing to travel in safer cars. Cars that are manufactured with better quality safety features allow everyone on board to be comfortable in their vehicle, which makes traveling more enjoyable for all concerned. In these few lines, we will make together a review of some of the safest cars for family members in 2020.

Safe small and midsize cars

In all six crashes test categories, Toyota Camry 2020, got the first level in IIHS with the highest safety rate, it is a midsize car and a popular choice for families because it is a cheap car to buy, is relatively safe to drive with Sense-P drive assistant, and has a lot of safety features in it. Toyota Camry has a great safety record for getting full grades, even from an instructor, so it is a good car that we should consider purchasing.

It has many safety features built into it, including a four-point seat belt, a front airbag, and a vehicle stability system.

As well, Camry 2020 has a smart steering wheel lock that prevents it from being-driven while the driver is not holding the steering wheel securely in place.

Even though it is an expensive car, the Tesla -Sedan Model 3 with four doors, has a great safety record and a high crash worthiness evaluation. The Tesla 3 is made with high safety features like a roll-over protection system, with easy seat anchors to use for your child with perfect head restraints & seats, a car-mounted side curtain airbags, a side-curtain defroster, and an auto emergency button.

There is also an emergency locking system on board that locks the doors of your car in case of an accident, and it also has an advanced parking brake, and advanced collision avoidance assist.

Although the Kia Soul 4 Door Wagon 2020 is a smaller car in the midsize category, especially for the driver side, it got the top safety pick with its some safety features as well, and it won a huge place within other Asian car brands. The Kia Soul - model 2020 is a secure car with a 100% innovative lane departure warning-prevention, a rollover sensor, an automatic seatbelt lock, and a car-mounted emergency brake. It is also a very durable car and has a high safety rating (4.7/5 IIHS).

One of the most secure and credible cars for your family members with comfortable - supportive front seats is a Mazda 6-4 doors (starting at $24,100). This car has received a lot of praise for its safety record, and it has lengthened curtain airbags on all sides. Even though it may seem like a simple car, it has a high reputation for being a safe car to drive. There are other great choices out there, but no one got a higher rating than Mazda 6, and it is still the best overall choice for a car driver in Japan.

Are smart cars safe?

Staying safe and protected behind the wheel is your essential priority, and I understand your duty as a mum or a dad who wants to pick up his child to school without any driving mistake or phobia. As an attractive option, smart cars as ''The smart For2'' looks like a safer one with a high IIHS test result.

Google cars are in progress to be safer more and more.

In 2011, Google initiate testing autonomous cars self-driving technology called by Levandowski technology and since then to lunch, an AI car named WAYMO. The department of transportation in the USA has announced definitions of various levels of autonomous driving. Google's car is categorized as the first level with full automation, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and driver alert systems (e. g drowsiness detection) to provide drivers with better driving experience.

Google or Tesla models are as well as several other industry companies are focusing on providing absolute safety on all roads in a way that "Artificial intelligence" could enhance our emotional as well as our practical relationship with cars.

As a neutral note, if we look deeper into smart cars, they are also safe with fully autonomous technologies and more fuel-efficient. But, if an accident happened, smart cars are mostly small and unable to resist the crash.

The safest luxury car in 2020

One of the most essential factors, before you purchase a car, is that you have to know the use purpose and if it's equipped to be safe, and how much it costs.

For instance, if you live alone and you are single, and no one else in your family has cars, a new economical car is probably going to be a better option than a luxury one. Otherwise, if you have a family, and you saved more cash then, you might consider buying a luxury car.

In 2020, if you visit an exhibit of luxurious cars, you will find yourself confused and surrounded by many high deluxe ones like Rolls-Royce, Bentley.

The question is what I want to choose? Here are the top 3 safest and luxurious cars which earned an IIHS safety PICK+ RATING in 2020:

1. Audi A6 model -2020

Starts at $54,900 with a virtual cockpit plus, HD matrix-design headlights, and a panoramic sunroof. We can't forget that the German monster A6 Audi has 6 airbags, it is well-equipped with a virtual 360-degree view camera, and a smart adaptive cruise control system to support the driver keep safe 100% in a stop-go traffic situation.

2. Jaguar XE MODEL -2020

Starts at $39,900 with luxurious cutting edge technology, high comfort amenities. Jaguar XE 2020 has a rear camera, speed limiter, emergency braking which gives extra help in time you need it. As well, driver-assistive innovation is a dynamic feature in all Jaguar XE models, to win the safety competition.

3. Porsche Panamera -2020

Starts at $87,200 with four-doors, a smooth finish leather, a ceramic composite brake availability (P.C.C.B), and a very accurate safety tech like lane change assist, LED matrix headlights, and a blind-spot monitor.

The safety award winner car in 2020

It's not easy to be one of the safest new cars, the peak performers must provide the best protection for adult and child occupants, to expect and minimize the harm to pedestrians and cyclists in collisions, and an active safety system that can take action to prevent accidents by using satellite navigation as like F16 systematic satellite technology.

Mercedes-Benz C- Class, Volvo XC 60 model 2020, or Audi A8 were in the highest-scoring to win the first place. BMW 3-series model 2020 came strongly with a new generation of a safety system that provides a smart AEV system, automatic emergency brake system, also, if there is a potential collision it will warn the drivers with help of a radar and a camera to sense what's ahead of it.

BMW of model 3- Series is a secure place to be in a crash because it's attentive at avoiding collisions in the first place. If you don't respond to BMW safety warning, it will just automatically break as you could feel it there and you can see it slowing the wheels down.

Every mum or dad will prefer to secure his family travel for a vacation, and when selecting the safest car for members of the family, you can find a car to fit all needs. Just make sure to choose the one that is both safe and durable for the family.

Safety is the main factor to be considered in all your life. When you buy any one of the vehicles that are new or used before, it is important to make sure that you buy the vehicle from an expert and a trusted dealer, because he has more experience with this type of cars and their safety systems. I don't want you to end up with a car that could potentially cause a problem down the road.



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