Skydiving is a sport that has become more popular with each passing year. With a growing number of people getting into skydiving and even more people becoming certified, you can find a great deal on skydiving gear these days. Many companies now offer skydiving equipment for sale so it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg just to get your skydive. But the question now is, is skydiving Dangerous? If it’s a safe hobby, how safe is skydiving in general? Is everyone can be a skydiver?

The answer is that it depends on the individual, and is determined by the particular circumstances of skydiving, which we will discover together in these few lines.

Skydiving Changed My Life

Since the dawn of time, there has been a human dream to live the adventure of flight like a bird, the concept of leaving gravity behind and rise high through the sky freely was a creative idea.

What did happen to me after that day when I jumped through the sky?

I have answered this question many times, and I still do. Skydiving has changed my entire outlook on life, and it surely makes me a happy person. There's nothing like being in free fall on a sunny day and just staring at the world to help you understand how trivial a lot of life's issues are.

Also, your desire and your instinctive clinging to life while jumping between the earth and sky with nothing, makes you think twice about the days you wasted complaining about circumstances and your hard life. You will regret your appreciation lack for those simple pieces of stuff in your days and your relationships with your friends or family which I used to ignore them.

Free jumping taught me that my existence as a human being should be more valuable by understanding my needs, and by realizing that the real change starts from the inside of us.

Accepting your weakness, loving yourself as like you are, without the need to fake it on social media or to force someone to like you or even to believe your words….simply! You become free as that jump I did and more self-confident.

The Feeling Of a Solo Skydiver

In fact, it’s not easy to describe the skydiver feeling. Once the moment you handle your breath, the aircraft side-door be opened, the butterflies in your stomach, and the massive adrenaline increases in the veins of your body. It was an amazing feeling.

At this moment, you try to look around at the same time to focus on your next steps, you got a mix of fear-happiness, and your heart beats quickly. Then, you jump and you scream like a baby…. you make your free fall as you never felt or thought before, just new energy comes out with a high sense of challenge.

Overall, skydiving makes you feel kind like you are laying on the softest feather bed ever, especially when you have a velocity (fall speed) of 150 or 150 mph, which makes you feel that you are lucky because you still alive and your love for life grows.

The Best Country For skydiving

Skydiving is not only popular in Europe, Australia, and North America, it's also growing in popularity across the world in new countries like India, the United Arab Emirates, and china.

In some places, it's not permitted for someone who isn't an experienced skydiver to jump in the air, or he hasn’t a high safety jump record. Most skydivers prefer to make a free fall in Pattaya city- Thailand, Hawaii-United States, and Fox Glacier in New Zealand.

As well, Palm-Jumeirah in Dubai became a new catchy destination for professional skydivers and competitors who intend to fly and jump over the artificial archipelago of Dubai. Dubai hosts every year one of the most famous international skydive championships in the world, with the sponsorship of E.A.F (The Emirates Aero-sport Federation).

Is Skydiving Safe Or Dangerous?

In research of the National Safety Council has stated in 2017, that only 0.0002% of tandem skydiving case that may lead to a possible injury for every 500,000 sequential jumps. That a skydiver is more likely to be harmed by a lightning strike or by bees stings.

At 2,200ft, the process of skydiver mind can't determine his distance if it's 16,000 or less, it looks the same. For our first skydiving safety instructors, we got that 0.0007% as a dying possibility from skydiving, in comparison to 0.0167% as a dying chance in a car accident. (depended on 10,000 miles of a car driving).

As stated by the USA Parachuting Association, there is an estimation of 21 fatal accidents per 3 million jumps every year. This number is in reduction to be less than 21 per year with the help of new parachuting technologies and innovative skydiving equipment. Do you still think that skydiving is dangerous?

Skydiving Tips And Equipment

Skydiving is a very exciting and breathtaking sport, but it should always be approached with extreme caution. Before taking the plunge, it's necessary to consult a licensed expert skydiver or a skydiving monitor who can help to determine the safety factors and the best equipment that's appropriate for you before you jump, as the main Tip.

Before you skydive, you will want a high-quality parachute that's rated to go at very high altitudes. You will also need a harness to carry your parachute along with you as well as some other items for your safety. As a general rule, you will spend more on skydiving equipment if the skydiving that you are going on is considered a longer-distance type of activity than if you're going for a shorter skydive.

As well, there are few things that you will definitely need to check for your skydiving gear. First, you have to ensure it's breathable, as this will make your experience a lot safer. In the second step, you want to verify if it's well-ventilated to help keep you cool during the day.

Finally, you want to make sure that you're equipped with a GPS so that you don't get lost when you're skydiving. Also, you have to buy a high-quality helmet and an altimeter priced between $150- $350 (depending on your budget).

Skydiving has a lot of benefits but it's not a one-size to fit experience. Some people are completely ignorant of skydiving rules, and unaware of what dangers may occur if they take it for fun only.

The happy news is, you can be a good skydiver, able to soar thousands of feet in the air safely, and you can move at high speeds through the air. With all the different kinds of available skydiving equipment, it's important to know the differences in the prices and qualities of skydiving equipment before buying.


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