Smartwatches 2014

Top 3 Sexiest Looking Smart watches

Smart watches are the way of the future.  Imagine taking phone calls, receiving text messages and emails  right from your wrist.   You’ll be able to have access to your favorite apps like Facebook, Pandora and more. Not only will Smart Watches be of great use to your life. But you’ll also get a great looking accessory to go with you wardrobe.

Top 3 Best Looking Smart Watches 2014.

#3 Sonostar is a sleek looking smart watch with a curved touch screen.  Sonostar works seamlessly with your iphone or Android smartphone.  If you’re an avid golfer then this watch is for you.  Sonostar has an app called Sonocaddie that works with the watch and provide you with GPS yardage for your next golf shot.  For more information click here

#2 Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is a very nice looking watch that comes in 6 different colors. Samsung Smart Watch comes with a camera built in the side of the watch.  You can take picture and share right from your wrist.  This  Smartwatch has SVoice activation so you can speak commands and leave voice memos (Remember knight rider). The samsung galaxy gear smartphone is loaded with many other features.  For more information click here

#1 I’m Watch  is the winner for best looking smartwatch.  I’m Watch comes in three different collective styles.  The Color collection style comes in 7 different color bands. The Tech collection is very strong and made out of titanium.  The Jewel Collection is hands down the finest looking smart watch out there.  Not only is this the best  looking watch but its loaded with feature.  You have to see it for yourself.  For more information



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